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This site is designed to provide D2L users relevant information to assist and guide them in the effective and efficient use of D2L course management system. It includes suggestions or instructions to address commonly and frequently asked questions on some technical issues.

Getting Started in Using D2L

  • D2L Student Quick Guide - This a quick guide for students on how to login and use the different tools in D2L.
  • D2L Faculty Quick Guide - This is a quick guide for faculty members containing basic information on how to get started using the basic content, evaluation, and communication tools in D2L.
  • System Requirements & Downloads
    • System Check - Select the link at the Maryville D2L site: http://learn.maryville.edu. to run a system check before you login. The process is will conduct a quick basic test on your browser settings and compatibility, support for JavaScript, cookies, and display resolution.
    • The platform requirement check list includes the minimum hardware and software configuration in order to use D2L efficiently.
    • Browser Configuration includes settings such as JAVAScript, Cookies, Security, etc. It also includes instructions on how to change these settings in your system.
    • Download Files includes files for fixes or updates that you can download from this site.
  • D2L Login Information
    • Can login to email but not in D2L
      • Call 314.529.9647 or send email to learn@maryville.edu , it is possible the D2L is not yet updated with your login credentials from the student information system in Colleague.
    • Can't login to email and D2L
      • You may need a password reset, go to http://it.maryville.edu and then go to GET ACCOUNT INFO. You will need your 10-digit Maryville ID number (with leading zeros).
      • If the above procedure doesn't work, call the IT Help Desk for further assistance at 314.529.9506.
    • Can login to D2L but not see the courses registered in
      • Call 314.529.9647 or send email to learn@maryville.edu. It is possible that D2L is not yet updated with the courses you registered. The update process requires at least 24 hours from the time your registered is completed and updated in the student information system in Colleague.

Student Resources
This section includes D2L documentation and relevant information on how to use the different learning tools in D2L.

Faculty Resources
Faculty resources are available at the D2L main site at http://learn.maryville.edu. Once you are logged into the site, go to the Faculty D2L Resources which contain all documentation about how you will manage your course such as content creation; integration of communication tools; and evaluation and assessment. Quick guides and tutorials are also available in this site.

Faculty Technology Training
This site includes training and registration information on how to use D2L and other related instructional technology resources. All faculty members and staff at Maryville University are encouraged to attend any of these sessions.

D2L Technical Support Contact Information
     Telephone Number: 314.529.9647
     Email: learn@maryville.edu